Configuration file

asciinema uses a config file to keep API token and user settings. In most cases the location of this file is $HOME/.config/asciinema/config.

NOTE! When you first run asciinema, local API token is generated (UUID) and saved in the file (unless the file already exists).

The auto-generated, minimal config file looks like this:

token = <your-api-token-here>

There are several options you can set in this file. Here's a config with all available options set:

token = <your-api-token-here>
url =

command = /bin/bash -l
maxwait = 2
yes = true
quiet = true

maxwait = 1

The options in [api] section are related to API location and authentication. To tell asciinema recorder to use your own asciinema site instance rather than the default one (, you can set url option. API URL can also be passed via ASCIINEMA_API_URL environment variable.

The options in [record] and [play] sections have the same meaning as the options you pass to asciinema rec/asciinema play command (see Usage). If you happen to often use either -c, -w or -y with these commands then consider saving it as a default in the config file.

Configuration file locations

In fact, the following locations are checked for the presence of the config file (in the given order):

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/asciinema/config - on Linux, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME usually points to $HOME/.config/
  • $HOME/.config/asciinema/config - in most cases it's here
  • $HOME/.asciinema/config - created by asciinema versions prior to 1.1

The first found is used.