by EpiJunkie 2016-08-21 01:02:36 UTC
  • FreeBSD / csh / xterm
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This demonstrates an installation of OpenBSD 5.9 in bhyve front end manager, chyves.

chyves obsd create 32g

chyves obsd set cpu=8 ram=16g loader=grub-bhyve os=openbsd59 description="OpenBSD 5.9 guest."

chyves iso list

chyves iso import ~/Downloads/install59.iso


Ctrl + b "

: resize-pane -D 10

chyves obsd console in top pane

chyves obsd start in bottom pane

chyves obsd stop - To stop from booting from .iso file.

chyves obsd start

Modified file '/root/justin.txt' to later demonstrate snapshot manipulations.

halt -p from inside guest.

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