vim-gita : Gita status

by lambdalisue 2016-04-07 15:01:22 UTC
  • Linux / zsh / xterm-256color
  • 1410

Quick usage of :Gita status command of vim-gita. The following features are shown in the cast.

  1. :Gita status open a gita-status window
  2. ? to shows a mapping table
  3. dd, ds to show a diff in a unified diff or vimdiff
  4. ee, EE to edit a file by 'edit' or 'vsplit'
  5. <<, >> to stage, unstage changes
  6. -- to toggle stage/unstage
  7. <Tab> to select action to perform
  8. <C-^> to open a gita-commit window

See :help gita-usage-status for more information.