vim-gita : Gita chaperone (solve conflict)

by lambdalisue 2016-04-07 15:43:05 UTC
  • Linux / zsh / xterm-256color
  • 454

Quick usage of :Gita chaperone of vim-gita to solve conflict

  1. Use chaperone action or hit !! on a conflicted file

  2. dol, dor in WORKTREE to obtain a diff chunk from OURS (:2, left) or THEIRS (:3, right)

  3. dp in OURS or THEIRS to put a diff chunk to WORKTREE

  4. :w to save the changes and perform stage and commit

Note: The version used for the cast is old and it actually open ANCESTOR (:1) and OURS (:2) but OURS (:2) and THEIRS (:3) is a correct behavior.

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